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Mionetto was founded in 1887 by the passioned master winemaker Francis Mionetto. Immersed in the sweet profile of hilly lands of Valdobbiadene, the winery has succeeded in over 125 years of history to become a privileged exponent of the territory and impose itself as one of the most representative Italian wineries in the world, as well as an exporter pioneer of the Prosecco in the United States. The complete takeover of the company in 2008 by the German group Henkell & CO. Sektkellerei KO based in Wiesbaden, one of Europe's largest manufacturers of sparkling wines, brought about further development opportunities both in Italy and in the world, by virtue of a logic of management continuity linked to the territory of origin.

TC has designed a series of labels strongly characterized by a diagonal cut, a historical legacy of the first labels of this successful product.